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Judith Wharton
A campus novel
by Judith Wharton
"A moon, a graveyard...

Reviews and Commendations

This novel is full of surprises, humankindness and circumstantial twists. It is written from the perspective of a College Student Support Officer, the vulnerable, compassionate central character, Isla…
The social observations are hilarious. Yet poignant situations offer serious exploration of intractable human difficulties [such as] negotiating relationships and resisting abuse.

Dr Gillian Boughton,
Durham University

I read BUG in a day because I was so curious. Evocative and unpredictable, it kept me on my toes to the end. Which is exactly what a great book should do!

Danielle Macleod
Co-Founder of Remarkable Women and Author of ‘Remarkably Easy’

The setting is strong – the traditional and elite college life being nibbled at the edges by the need to move with the times – and the characters largely engaging and, in some cases, all too realistic.

Anne Hamilton,
Lothian Life

Very good… Made me want to turn the pages…

Alan Judd, author and columnist

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